Young Cancer Patient Accepts Jesus : North America

This month through CV Outreach, one of our partner churches received this message:

Hello, I am Ethan* and I am a 23 year old cancer patient. I grew up in a household that believed in God but rarely spoke on the subject, so my limited understanding is mostly based on what I have learned through research. I have recently been struggling with my beliefs. I talk to God and I used to pray almost every night before going to bed, though recently I find myself praying less and less because I feel like it won’t make a difference.

I keep hearing stories about how people talk to God or Jesus and they feel him with them every moment of the day, and how their lives have been touched by him, and it makes me feel like either it’s all in the head or I’m doing something wrong. No matter how much I ask God to be with me, or at least just make himself known to me, I always come away with nothing.

I do not know if this is the right place to ask, but could someone please help me? I just want to know from him that he is with me in some way or another, because I could really use him in my life.”

We are happy to share that after our partner church’s pastor responded to this message, and shared words of wisdom and encouragement, this young man made a decision to accept Christ into his life!

Please pray for this young man, that he would come to personally know and experience the love of God. Also, please pray that more and more people would be impacted with the Good News of Jesus through the CV Outreach initiative.


Chad Hugghins
Chad is the Marketing and Content Manager for CV North America. He is a father to Birk and a husband to Signe, is an Arts Advocate for his local community in Dallas, and enjoys surfing when he can get to the coast.
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