Tim Doecke

Tim Doecke

3 Mar 2017

yesHEis User Testimony : New Zealand

Last week’s Featured Video for New Zealand was called Homosexual Identity. Since going live last Thursday, it has sparked some great conversations and encouraged a lot of people. One of our users in New Zealand shared it with her daughter and her sister, and it was a great encouragement to both of them. Both the lady’s son and her niece (sister’s daughter) identify as homosexual and so our Featured Video was a massive encouragement to the lady and her sister to keep supporting their kids even though they don’t agree with their lifestyles. It also reassured them that a change in lifestyle for their kids will require a heart change and revelation from God rather than judgement and behaviour modification. In her words: “We are believing for them both to find their identity in Christ and put Him first and have God sort it, he still loves Jesus.”


Tim Doecke
Tim is a Marketing Specialist for CV Australia. A certified ‘People Person’ he enjoys connecting with people from all walks of life. In his spare time he likes reading books, kayaking and has a slight obsession with vintage synthesisers.
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