Morag Paton

Morag Paton

29 Jun 2017

yesHEis User Equipped to Reach Her World for Christ : Australia

Around 2 years ago, I noticed Kate. She had shared a number of yesHEis links to people and we were getting responses for them.

I invited Kate to a group gathering of people keen to do online evangelism, and prompted her during the meeting to share a little of what she does. I knew Kate was more of a shy type, but I hadn’t realised that my invitation was one of those heart racing moments that was terrifying to her. Even so, she did an amazing job sharing and it was so encouraging to hear what she was up to. Kate has started her own Facebook page and is reaching out to people internationally to see them come to know Jesus. She even ran a competition for a free iPad to get more people to join her page!

Kate had a desire to do more, and I knew we could help to encourage and equip her. I spent an hour one-on-one with her a few months back. She’s now actively engaging in conversations and pulling in comments on her page. She’s even paid for boosting yesHEis links to her audience.

We were able to give Kate feedback and input on content, and she has commissioned a piece that we released in app earlier this year. Less than one week after this was released, we were able to lead a girl to Christ who had watched it.

Here is Kate’s recent feedback to us:

“Just wanted to share that breakthrough was just around the corner. In the last week or so, I’ve had the most success with Help 121 than I’ve ever had before. Slowly but surely, I’m seeing the most hardened of hearts softening, and minds opening to the possibility of faith.

I’m so grateful for the encouragement and support I’ve received from you guys. The training I had with Morag has been invaluable. Not to mention the ongoing motivation and tips I get from yesHEis Facebook posts and emails. Thank you so much.”


Morag Paton
Morag is a former legal executive and practice manager turned full time Jesus enthusiast. As an extroverted kiwi and former full time missionary, Morag has a passion for life, people, Jesus, and good coffee. These days she enjoys her role as yesHEis Community Manager for Australia and New Zealand.
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