Thiago Vale

Thiago Vale

3 Aug 2017

yesHEis Testimonies : Brazil

In July, we attended the Global Youth Movement at São José dos Campos, São Paulo. We were able to share about evangelism with 3,000 young people. It was a great time.

We have also received many encouraging testimonies from people whose lives have been touched by the Gospel, and Christians who have found the boldness to share their faith through yesHEis videos:

“Thanks!!! I’m enjoying all the material and tips about how to show God’s power in our lives.”

“I thank God for the second opportunity he gave me. He freed me from alcoholism. Today I have peace in my house… I’ve been through many experiences during the past three years but the Lord took care of me, for our God is faithful and fulfilled His word in my life!”

“Jesus took me from rock bottom. I will always be His servant, thank God!”

“yesHEis has given me a very strong spirit in my Christian walk. It took a while, but you did not give up on me. Today I took the opportunity to share my first video.”

“We are sometimes so discouraged by the struggles that we forget to speak of the love of God that is so great for us. Sharing God touches me deeply. It is impossible not to cry when I speak about Him.”

Please pray that we could overcome the new challenges with CV Outreach in Brazil.


Thiago Vale
Thiago Vale is Country Manager at CV Latin America. Born in Brazil, he was a missionary with his family in Mozambique, then a Systems Analyst and Auxiliary Pastor at a local church in Manaus. He loves technology, making new friends, and hanging out with his family.
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