Jeff Lucas

Jeff Lucas

5 Jun 2017

yesHEis Synergy : Philippines

The testimony of Jimmy Alcobilla, whose story we filmed last year as part of the Three Strokes series, has become part of our regular FB Live events. It continues to help many of those online who seek the answer for their own pain and brokenness. It was a blessing to see the engagement we had online as we discussed his past, sharing his experiences with an abusive parent along with his attempt to commit suicide. At the end of the footage he expresses how grateful he is for yesHEis. He also volunteered, along with his mentees, to be the first batch of people who will help start the yesHEis Philippines Partner Program.

One major partnership highlight this month with CCF is the synergy of the yesHEis devotional. We proposed that CCF Pastors could take part in writing the devotionals for the Philippines version. We secured five Pastors. This is a big step for further integration between CCF and yesHEis efforts in the Philippines as we continue to improve such a partnership.


Jeff Lucas
Jeff is the yesHEis Philippines Community Representative. He handles the partnership between CV and Manila-based church, Christ’s Commission Fellowship, while also connecting with other local churches and organisations. Jeff loves music, travel, and photography.
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