Urgent Prayer for Document on Hold : One Hope Ukraine

One Hope Ukraine needs urgent prayer to see the continued implementation of its program. The Official ‘Provisions’ document has been delayed by the Ministries (Governmental departments). The process began February this year, originally promised for March, but is now delayed for June. In order for this extremely important program to continue to be implemented, it needs to be approved in proper time.

In the meantime approximately 91,000 children in Ukraine are deprived of parental care. One Hope is a mentoring project designed to help these children. With assistance from the Department of Child Affairs in Kiev, One Hope was established to provide the best environment possible for an orphaned child to grow and develop. We help adults assist orphans in need through our mentoring program. Mentoring provides real help for orphaned children in troubled situations. It is long-term support from an adult with the caring qualities being sought after by these kids. Our aim is to connect every Ukrainian orphan with an adult mentor. To achieve such a feat, we are striving to find and train more than 100,000 mentors in Ukraine. We know this will significantly impact our society throughout multiple aspects of life, be it ethical, educational, legislative or otherwise.

The approval of the document will help these children, but it’s also important to work with government bodies so the program is a success. Approval of the Provisions (Regulations) on Mentoring is a standard procedure after the adoption of the Law. The service, which is by law, responsible for the implementation of mentoring, must have some document they can work from. This document is an instruction for social services which contains all the basic information for the implementation of mentoring and names of all main participants.

When this document becomes official, Social Services will begin implementation of mentoring. It will allow One Hope to officially cooperate with the services and send to them candidates for mentors. What’s exciting is that we already have a large database of people waiting to be trained but all this is on hold. In the meantime we are running our activities regardless of the status of this document. We have a very high reputation among state services and public organisations in Ukraine, but mentoring can’t be realised in all cities of Ukraine because this document is an official ‘ticket’ to the whole thing.


Please urgently pray for this document to be approved by the several different ministries and the Cabinet of Ministers.



Taras Dombrovskiy
Taras is the Marketing Manager for CV CIS. Based in Ukraine, he is passionate about reaching people for Christ.
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