Twenty Indigenous Pastors and Churches Commissioned : Myanmar

Myanmar is the largest, most religious Buddhist nation in the world, with 89% of the population caught in the hopeless cycle of striving to accumulate good merit in order to earn a favourable re-birth. Christians in Myanmar have faced hostility and opposition since the 1920s, and there has been a long-standing ban on the free entry of missionaries into the country.

The vision of the National Pioneers Initiative (NPI) is to impact nations like Myanmar for Christ, by partnering with local churches to support and send out indigenous pioneers who will establish self-sustaining churches within their own nations.

The NPI is at the heart of this endeavour to grow the Church in Myanmar from within. This June, 20 indigenous pioneers, representing 16 local denominations, were commissioned in three different locations. These pioneers each represent the birth of sustainable churches that are led by pastors from within this deeply Buddhist nation, and that are positioned to replicate themselves.

This is a huge step forward for the Church in Myanmar! Adoniram Judson, a protestant missionary to Burma in the early 19th Century, pleaded with God: “Lord, let me finish my work. Spare me long enough to put your saving Word into the hands of a perishing people.” Praise God, He is answering prayers prayed almost 200 years ago, and many more since.

We are able to bring hope to the people of Myanmar, introducing them to the Gospel and the local Church, by supporting national pioneers through NPI.

Please pray for strength and protection for our pioneers, and that these 20 churches are the start of many more to come for Myanmar!


Philip Bo Aung Lin
Philip is the CV Myanmar Country Manager. Born in Mandalay, Myanmar, Philip has been a missionary in Ayadaw Town and has worked as the Youth Pastor at Mandalay Mission Baptist Church.
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