There is forgiveness in the Lord : India

There is forgiveness in Jesus Christ. That’s what he heard.


A young engineer in India wrote to us asking for help. An atheist in a land filled with gods here, there and everywhere, he reached out to our CV team through Facebook Messenger with questions about becoming a Christian.

After being in the dark for a long time, he was sincerely asking for help. But he was also unsure as to whether or not he was really worthy.

He’s stated he’s a sinner, and one that’s done too much to the point where even he himself can’t take it. He thought of ending his life; that is, until a friend came to help out. There is forgiveness in Jesus Christ.

He wanted salvation; he wanted Christ. And God brought him to us where we were able to discuss with him the truth about a relationship with Jesus. Willing to learn, he listened as we explained  how he could receive true forgiveness. We then put him in contact with a pastor and are currently following up with him.

We’re very encouraged by the way we see God work in people’s lives and are grateful to be a part of it.


Characa Rosandi
Characa (aka Chachi) is a Communications Assistant for CV Asia Pacific. Due to his passionate hatred towards boredom, he has grown to become an individual with so many hobbies and interests. He loves all sports but aspires mainly to be in the creative industry as a scriptwriter & entrepreneur. On a side note, ‘September’ by Earth, Wind, & Fire is his favorite song, and he can't wait till the time hoverboards go commercial.
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