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Christ for Burma is a National Pioneers Initiative (NPI) that is focused on impacting the Buddhist Burmese of Myanmar with the Gospel. They are the largest unreached Buddhist people group in the world.

As part of the NPI in Myanmar, CV is currently supporting 200 national pioneers through more than 20 church partners, which is the largest mission to Burmese in this country’s history! We are blessed to see tens of thousands of Burmese come to Christ, and thousands baptised and worshipping together in hundreds of places.

Each of our NPIs start with succession in mind, and we are grateful to report that hundreds of successors are continuing the work that we started. By 2020, we envision that our financial support for the national pioneers will end. Praise God, this NPI is now 42% financially sustainable. Our new national leaders have accepted the transition positively and carry a vision to reach even more Buddhist people for Christ, using the NPI system.

Here are some miraculous stories from our national pioneers in Myanmar:

“By the grace of God and His guidance, I am sharing fellowship with around 45 people. I have been sharing the Gospel with one lady for almost four years. She has now accepted Jesus as her personal Saviour and I baptised her. Like me, she is from a Buddhist background. When I first told her about Christ, she replied rudely and rejected the Gospel. I did not get angry, but kept coming to share the gospel with her family every week. Eventually, she became more interested and wanted to know what the Lord Jesus has done for all people. I am now discipling her and her family.” Zaw Naing Min

“This month, I had the special privilege to pray for a boy aged 12 who was admitted to Mandalay hospital suffering from leukaemia. As the cancer had already reached a terminal state, the doctors said there was no way and no hope for him to be cured. The boy was weak and skinny. He was about to die. All his family and relatives were weeping. I went to the hospital and earnestly prayed for God’s miraculous healing upon the boy. The next morning, the boy was much better. He could even talk! Seeing the boy’s improved condition, the doctors and nurses were amazed. It became a reliable testimony and surprising news to unbelievers to see that our God is the Living God, and a powerful healer. This testimony has opened the door wider for the Gospel. As we continued to pray for the boy, he received a miraculous healing from God. Now he is well. Please pray for me to have more chances to proclaim the Gospel, and the strength to endure the criticism and obstacles that arise.” Aye

“This month I was able to share the Good News with many people in new places. I went from house to house, sharing the Gospel. Some people were interested and some were saved. I also met a Christian family, who taught me how to grow mushrooms. This skill has become useful to me because I am now teaching new believers and their families how to grow mushrooms, too. I give them a small amount of money so that they can grow mushrooms and the money they make helps them to survive as a family. This is especially important when it is difficult for people to find work in Buddhist communities once they become Christians. Please pray for my mission field and ministry. Thank you!” James

Please pray for the mid-year mission effectiveness review meeting and pioneer training that our NPI pioneers are planning this month in Yangon and Mandalay. The pioneer training will focus on Sustainable Growth, covering spiritual, financial and leadership growth as we are planning for a transition in NPI.

Please pray that the new churches planted by our pioneers and their successors grow into successful and self-sustainable churches.

CLICK HERE to learn more about the lives being impacted by the work of national pioneers in Myanmar.


Philip Bo Aung Lin
Philip is the CV Myanmar Country Manager. Born in Mandalay, Myanmar, Philip has been a missionary in Ayadaw Town and has worked as the Youth Pastor at Mandalay Mission Baptist Church.
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