Surrendered : East Timor

Here’s a recent testimony from the field in East Timor:

“My group and I recently went to visit a family in the village of Darulete, which is quite a distance away down the hills.

We were having a wonderful time singing, praising, and worshipping God. As we prayed, a man came by the house with his daughter. Both were looking terribly frightened. The man told us that he and his wife had just had a hostile argument that ended with her trying to kill him. He asked for prayer for both him and his daughter.

I decided to help, but before anything, I had to clarify one thing. I simply asked if he wanted protection, which was not a problem, or if perhaps he wanted something more. I asked if he wanted to surrender his life to the Lord and put God’s will above his own

Praise the Lord he decided to surrender his heart as well as his daughter’s life to God then and there!

We are currently still following up with him as we speak but this was an incredible experience and we continue to pray for the best for the two.”


    –  Brian



Characa Rosandi
Characa (aka Chachi) is a Communications Assistant for CV Asia Pacific. Due to his passionate hatred towards boredom, he has grown to become an individual with so many hobbies and interests. He loves all sports but aspires mainly to be in the creative industry as a scriptwriter & entrepreneur. On a side note, ‘September’ by Earth, Wind, & Fire is his favorite song, and he can't wait till the time hoverboards go commercial.
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