Stories of Peace and Healing : Latin America

We are pleased to share the encouraging testimonies that we have recently received, through yesHEis and CVCLAVOZ:

“I am a rebellious son in my walk with God, but this yesHEis video touched very strong fibers in me. I am 29 years old, and I have AIDS. I knew God and loved Him but my flesh was stronger than my hold on Him. Just like this video, I thought many times about finishing it all. But, even through the difficult times, God has made ways to show me He is here. I don’t want pity, I don’t want to be judged, I just want to know Him, love Him and be well for what is to come. Thank you for sharing and making this app.”

“Thank you for your words, they strengthen me and inspire me to keep going and to work hard for my marriage and family. This week I searched for His presence a lot more and my heart feels calmer. My mind is not so focused on the problem anymore. I am leaving it all in the hands of my Lord, trusting in Him at all times.”

“I want to thank the Lord very much and also CVCLAVOZ for your prayers. God did a miracle with my son Marcos. He had a problem with his heart, but today the doctor said the test results have come back normal. Praise God!”

“I want to thank CVCLAVOZ because in the past I requested prayers for sciatica, which was giving me so much pain. Today I am healed and I know that I have received a divine miracle from God, the best chiropractor on Earth.”

“It is good to know that even in the midst of great struggles, the Lord Jesus continues to use the lives of His servants so that others will know His Word.”

News from Latin America

We launched a campaign called ‘Tell Me Good Things’, with a Gospel video that motivates people to make a decision for Jesus. Several people have accepted Jesus through this initiative, and we’ve also received a testimony of someone who reconciled with the Lord. One person who watched the video told us that he was addicted to pornography but wanted to go back to Jesus and be free from the chains. We were able to refer him to a ministry that works specifically with this type of addiction.

Sadly, we share news of the death of our beloved brother in Christ, Juan Romero, who was part of the CV team in Latin America. For years, he was the host of his radio show, “Juan Romero’s World” in CVCLAVOZ. He was a faithful man of God who served the Lord unceasingly and, in his original and warm ways, kindly showed Jesus’ love. Juan Romero was also a renowned singer and the prolific author of several famous Spanish Christian songs. He was always very humble and a great co-worker. We ask your prayers for strength and comfort for Juan’s family.


Jaziel Exposito
Jaziel is the Marketing Manager for CV Latin America. Based in Miami, he is married to Brenda, has two kids, and loves running.
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