Sharing the Gospel with Boldness : China

Many people are being encouraged to share the Gospel with boldness in China after our Global Outreach Day campaign attracted a total of 55,053 Gospel views and 672 shares.

One comment we received from a yesHEis user during this campaign was: “I became a Christian many years ago, but I always dare not to preach the Gospel and also dare not tell the Gospel information to my friends. I beg the Lord to help me and take pity on me, I hope to be given the courage to preach the Gospel by joining yesHEis activities.”

To further encourage users, we selected five of the campaign participants who shared content with their friends and sent them yesHEis merchandise and a blessing card.

In June we launched a campaign for International Children’s Day, encouraging people to return to God as His children. This was well circulated and our data shows that more than half of the people it has reached are not from our current subscriber list, which indicates that we are expanding our influence outside of the Christian circle.

We are excited to share that our Gospel presentation videos have reached over 1.6 million people in the past 6 months! Praise God for His amazing work as we partner with Him to reach the world with the Gospel.

Please pray that Chinese Christians would have the boldness to share the Gospel. Please also join with us in praying following the death of the Chinese missionaries who were recently killed in Pakistan. We believe that God is still in control, and our faith is firmly on Jesus Christ.


Melissa Sharman
Melissa is a Communications Specialist for CV Asia Pacific. She studied International Politics and is passionate about writing, sustainable agriculture, natural health, and inspiring people to live whole and purpose-rich lives. She loves being outdoors, is always up for an adventure, and has a slight obsession with fermented foods.
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