Reformation Gospel Invasion : France

France have had a diverse month exploding with outreach, teaching opportunities, and campaign success. Most thrilling is the partnership with one of the biggest youth events in France that will take place in a stadium with Nick Vujicic as the main speaker. This event aligns with the 500 year anniversary of the Reformation. yesHEis will be there to inspire young people on how to share their faith daily through the internet, social media and more. We are super excited about a team going on outreach with 2000 young people who will invade the streets and structures of the city to spread the Gospel.

I have had a teaching opportunity arise with a Bible School in Switzerland who would like to teach students on how to let evangelism become a lifestyle. Many great leaders have been birthed from this school; something that is inspiring for many, especially given the school’s new strategy to form future Christian ministries through our theories or practices. The effective implementation of these ideas are still in the initial thinking stages and prayers are more than welcome. We want to see how yesHEis can be key in this program and affect these future leaders and their ministries during their early stages.

This leads us to our desire to see yesHEis developed in other European countries. Markus Wenz (yesHEis Europe Representative) has gathered both the French and the German teams to find a common strategy for Europe. The idea is to mutualize our strengths to bring out the same content in different languages for Europe. This is to avoid wasting time and energy and rather help focus on new projects as well as to continue to build the network within churches and Christian organisations.

One strength of yesHEis France is to inspire Christians to share their faith through blog articles. Lisa and I are working hard to give key tools on how to ‘wear’ a witness attitude and find their own style of evangelism including sharing failures and difficulties. The idea is to let them know they can all do it! We are receiving tons of encouragement by email on people being really inspired by these articles; some of which are even regularly joining the private Facebook group yesHEis created to help people grow in their abilities to share the Gospel.

yesHEis France is becoming more and more known for its expertise in evangelism through this media path and to God be the glory. One such success came through our first campaign that used the topic of comparison. We have received hundreds of emails telling us about the great impact it has had on daily lives. We love the fact that despite the campaign is over people are still signing up for the emailing program to find keys and tools to overcome comparison in their life. One lady wrote, “it was like God was directly talking to me” after seeing one of the 3 videos we shared through the campaign.

Please pray for new opportunities for yesHEis France to be God guided, in God’s timing and wisdom to well manage the various talents in our team.



Bastien Cuenot
Bastien is the Community Manager for France and other French-speaking countries. He left his career as a Civil Engineer to work for his passion - sharing the Gospel! He spends much of his energy working and travelling around the globe to meet people and experience other cultures.