Steph Tebbe

Steph Tebbe

31 Jan 2017

Rediscovering Jesus : Australia

Our yesHEis team in Australia have had some incredible conversations to start the year off. Here is just one testimony from the many chats we’ve had with yesHEis users throughout January.

Ashley*, who hadn’t been to church in over a decade, downloaded the yesHEis app last month after seeing a YouTube ad. After receiving some distressing news from her daughter and praying all night, she opened up the app to find an encouraging message that sparked a great conversation with our yesHEis team. We then had the opportunity to encourage Ashley to reconnect with Jesus and also with a local church.

Last Sunday Ashley went to church for the first time in over 17 years! She was welcomed by a new friend who we’d asked to connect with her over the phone the previous week. Now, our team are continuing to pray for Ashley and her daughter.
*Names have been changed for privacy


Steph Tebbe
Steph is a Marketing and Communications Assistant at CV Asia Pacific. Born in the US, she is living and working in Australia while she serves at the Sunshine Coast YWAM mission base. She loves coffee, surfing and camping adventures.
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