Lorna Spina

Lorna Spina

3 Aug 2017

Reaching Thousands with the Gospel : UK

Our partnership with the Church of England and Archbishop Justin Welby has continued to flourish. We supported Thy Kingdom Come – a global prayer movement – with video production, including the creative spoken word poem Speak Freely, which is really worth watching. This month we released a Gospel presentation video, created with the Archbishop. This saw a huge reaction on Facebook, with almost 100,000 views, 3,800 reactions and over 1,000 shares.

We often see some very strong opinions expressed in Facebook comments, which is great – a strong opinion is better than no opinion! We also received many positive responses and decisions were made to follow Jesus!

View our Gospel presentations here:

Speak freely

Archbishop’s Gospel Presentation


Lorna Spina
Based in the CV UK office, Lorna is in charge of Marketing for the UK team. She lived in the US for 10 years with her American husband and 2 girls before moving back to the UK. Prior to joining CV, she spent many years in church leadership alongside her husband and continues having a heart for evangelism and discipleship. Lorna loves all things “arts” and “retro”!
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