Prayers Answered : Armenia

We received a message from a woman named Gaya* who lives in the Ararat region of Armenia. Gaya wrote us after watching one of the yesHEis videos. She was distressed, so we planned a meeting with one of our online volunteers. When they met, Gaya shared about problems in her family. She is divorced and raises her son all by herself. Her heart was soft and ready to talk about God. Gaya and our online volunteer prayed together and she decided to open her heart to the Lord. We invited her to the home group of our church. We are praying that she will start attending church and that God will heal her wounds.

We also received a request from a woman in Armenia to pray for her brother, who was called to go to the army. They were afraid that he might be placed into a bad military unit. Some military units in Armenia are very bad and unsafe. We prayed together, and in a few days she wrote to tell us that a miracle had happened. Her brother is now in one of the best military units in Armenia! Praise God for this wonderful answer to our prayer.   

Please pray for the online missionaries of the CIS region and all of the people they are corresponding with.


Taras Dombrovskiy
Taras is the Marketing Manager for CV CIS. Based in Ukraine, he is passionate about reaching people for Christ.
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