Prayer Partners Sharing the Gospel : Africa

As part of our CV Prayer initiative, we send out monthly communications about what God is doing across the world through our prayers and ministry efforts.

One of the most encouraging parts of these monthly interactions is the testimonies we often receive from those who pray with us. We received this testimony in response to our last letter:

“This month I have seen God save at least two, also restoring three back to Christ through one-to-one sharing. To God be the glory. I do think this has been through our joint prayers. My prayer request is that we win more next month!”

It is hugely encouraging to know that a focus on prayer is encouraging our prayer partners to reach out to others with the Good News of Jesus!

Please pray for many more prayers to be raised up all over the world, and for those who pray to become bolder than they have ever been in sharing the Gospel with those around them.

Pray that God would provide unique opportunities for those who pray to share the truth of His love wider and more effectively than ever before.

Also this month, our Africa Community Manager, Nick Parker, was able to attend the Global Kingdom Partnerships Network (GKPN) Youth Chapter meeting in Kigali, Rwanda. This event was attended by 60 youth pastors representing African countries as diverse as Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, South Sudan, Zambia, South Africa and Zimbabwe. Nick presented CV’s approach to digital evangelism to the group, and it was immediately apparent that there is a significant degree of excitement about the potential of digital tools in sharing the love of Jesus with others. In the time since the meeting, numerous youth leaders have been in touch with our team to explore these opportunities.

Let’s pray that the Holy Spirit will continue to inspire leaders in Africa to begin to adopt an evangelistic mindset!  


Heinz Oldewage
Heinz is the Country Manager for South Africa at CV Africa. He has a PhD in Theology and has a heart for reaching the African continent for Christ.
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