Paul Rattray

Paul Rattray

24 Aug 2017

Pray for Healing : Impact Sumatra NPI

Pak Gesang* is an NPI pioneer, who grew up in a powerful family that has run non-Christian religious institutions for generations.

When he came to Christ, Gesang’s family expelled him, cancelled his birthright and no longer recognised him as their son. Despite these challenges, he is leading hundreds of people to Christ. He is also raising dozens of successors that will take over the leadership of new churches birthed through the NPI.

Gesang shares: “This pile of medicine is not a pharmacy. This is my monthly medication for a serious heart condition. It makes me sad, because we minister in a number of places and the money we spend every month for medicine and check-ups could help support this work. Despite these challenges, we thank the Lord that even with my illness we can continue to serve our people. Praise God, this Sunday 11 new believers will be baptised!”

Please pray that Gesang would be completely healed so that he no longer needs this medicine. Please also pray that the pioneering work in Sumatra would continue to grow and sustainable local churches would be established.


Paul Rattray
Paul is the Impact-a-Nation Manager for CV Asia Pacific and oversees NPI projects across the globe. He has a huge heart for reaching people for Christ, is fluent in Indonesian, and has 6 children with his wife, Riani.
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