Partnerships and Salvations as the Gospel is Shared : France

I was recently invited to a youth conference to inspire young people about evangelism and how to live it on a daily basis. At the conference, many people thanked me for the tools, inspiration and encouragement that we are providing through yesHEis France. It moved me so much, as it is not easy to measure the impact of our work when most of it takes place on a computer.

The highlight of that conference was when three girls came to me to share how they have been impacted by our online campaign. Two of them told me that they loved the Beauty video shot by the CIS Team, and it completely set them free from comparison. The third girl told me that she shared the video of the #goeverywhere campaign from last year to her friend in despair. He turned to God, seeing Him as the ultimate hope for his situation, and gave his life to Jesus! HOW COOL! I had never heard of someone giving their life to Jesus through a 1:30 minute video.

We are engaged with the community more than we think, and the team in France has been really encouraged to know that they are all part of the transformation that the Holy spirit is able to do through our work. Thank you to the entire CV team worldwide for believing in France.

In other news, we are thrilled to be joining a large event in France, commemorating 500 years of Reformation. A big stadium has been booked for the event, which will focus on evangelism, discipleship and ministry. yesHEis will be giving workshops on how to make a difference by sharing the message of Jesus through social media. We will also be responsible for a team outreach in the streets of the city to share Jesus with the people passing by. Please pray for us as we partner with this significant event.

Please pray for new opportunities for people to hear about salvation through yesHEis France. Also, for wisdom in the many opportunities that we receive to speak and inspire other organisations. Finally, please pray for the next campaign we want to build with Germany as a European team.


Bastien Cuenot
Bastien is the Community Manager for France and other French-speaking countries. He left his career as a Civil Engineer to work for his passion - sharing the Gospel! He spends much of his energy working and travelling around the globe to meet people and experience other cultures.
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