Our Highlight Reel : Indonesia

CV Indonesia has seen three of our videos reach the ‘top 10 shared videos’ list in the first quarter of 2017. These are all performing well as they have relatable content and only go for a short duration. One of the videos shares the simple message of going to Jesus with our problems. Another one is focused more on the issue of pornography and relationships.

As a result, we also have a couple of testimonies about this issue of pornography. Farhan*, a believer from Manado, is going through some very confusing struggles. He already believes in Jesus, but he continually struggles with an addiction to pornography. We asked if he would like to get connected with a church. He agreed and he has now been followed up with a local church.

Jasmine* also struggles with an addiction to pornography. She shared with us that she feels dirty, unworthy, and even empty when she tries to pray. After talking with one of our team members, Vita, she asked to be led in a prayer to confess her sin and accept Jesus in her heart. She has now committed to living a better life for Jesus – reading her Bible and following the Word of God. Jasmine is not yet open to being connected to a church, so please continue to pray for her.

The last highlight of this month would be hosting the 2017 Asia Pacific Marketing Summit in Bandung. The event was a blast as we were able to grow in our relationships with each other, sharing stories, successes and challenges. It was a great encouragement hearing about what has been happening throughout our Asia Pacific region and we feel privileged to have been able to host this event. We cannot express how valuable it was for our future work together as one global organisation.

Prayer requests:

  • That our Easter campaign would touch many hearts
  • For the preparation of the OMG (Online Missionary Generation) Conference that will be held in Jakarta next month


Renny Yosinta
Renny is a Marketing Manager for CV Indonesia. She loves good content, smart marketing and lives every moment to the max. She is always looking for new places to explore, and almost never says no to ice cream.
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