Open Hearts and Follow Ups : Indonesia

Our Indonesia team has had some really encouraging conversations this month where people have even been willing to meet up with us in person! We are continuing to pray for open hearts, and that these people would ultimately come to know Jesus. Have a read on a few of the conversations we’ve had here:

An atheist man, Suf*, has been speaking with us, questioning who God is and sharing his personal opinions. He believes that religion has brainwashed people. Although he is strong in his opinions and is an atheist, we still follow up with him regularly. We try to remain patient with him and always respond with compassion. Sometimes we just ask Suf* to prove his opinion – to which he often responds by changing the subject.

One day, we decided to ask Suf* if he would like to meet up offline. Praise the Lord that he opened up. He gave us his number and told us the city that he is living in Sumatra Selatan. Let’s pray that Jesus would continue to work on his heart, and that Suf would soon encounter God’s love.

Another man, Ki*, is a Muslim. He has been asking why the sins of Christians can be redeemed. He wonders how Jesus has covered all sins for all human beings. Our team responded by sharing the Gospel, and how Jesus died for everyone’s sins, being the perfect sacrifice. We are overjoyed to say that Ki* is now willing to meet with someone and have a real discussion in person. Here is another man that is seeking truth and we pray that God would reveal it to him!


Renny Yosinta
Renny is a Marketing Manager for CV Indonesia. She loves good content, smart marketing and lives every moment to the max. She is always looking for new places to explore, and almost never says no to ice cream.