An Every Day Prisoner Freed : China

In the modern world we live in we are faced with more opportunities than ever before to share and encounter God’s love. Stories of the Gospel can reach millions of people across the globe with the single click of a button, and this incredible testimony from a woman in China is about just that – someone encountering Jesus’ love through videos and Gospel stories on our yesHEis Wechat platform.

Ms. Kay was told she was ugly and useless. She was a housewife, but felt more like a prisoner. She was always careful to take care of her family, but neither her child nor husband seemed to take care of her back. No love, no friends, no attention, nothing at all for all her effort other than burden and humiliation. Ms. Kay’s home was never really a home to, and her only means of escape from her emotional and physical jail was the Internet.

Ironically, it was her access to the Internet that enabled Ms. Kay’s life to be forever changed one day.

It all started when she stumbled upon our yesHEis Wechat page. Ms Kay was touched by what she found, and through our videos and stories, she discovered the Word of God and felt completely empowered by it.

Then, through constant communication with our response team, God’s presence in her life become more and more real. Not long after reaching out to us, Ms. Kay made the life-changing decision to surrender her life to God and become a Christian. She then started attending sermons held at her local church and found herself being appreciated and loved by those around her. Now she is living out a fulfilling life, knowing she is loved by an almighty redeemer. Praise God! This testimony is a reminder that God never forsakes us and will always work through any outlet to invite us into an eternal relationship with Him.



Abigail Jones-Walker
Abby is a Marketing and Communications Specialist for CV Asia Pacific. Passionate about travel, missions, and womens rights, she studied International Relations and Communications and has a heart for helping refugees. She loves meeting new people, is always up for an adventure, and has a slight obsession with scented candles.
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