Davi Sampaio

Davi Sampaio

4 Jul 2017

Miraculous Healings as the Church Grows : Impact Venezuela

We have come to the middle of another year, joyful and content with what the Lord has accomplished in this nation. Venezuela is still in crisis, but we continue to believe that God is in control of all things and that this crisis has been a great opportunity to bring people to Christ.

It was with great joy this month that we inaugurated another beautiful church building in Venezuela (Maturin). This was a dream come true. We also baptized the first five members of the church – it was a very beautiful celebration.

Every day, God gives us the opportunity to see His work growing in a surprising way.

We have seen many miracles happen in Anaco this month: A mother came to the church asking for prayer for her son who did not speak. The church then began to pray for the miracle, God acted, the child began to speak and the mother gave her Life to Jesus. Hallelujah!

Another miracle happened in Tucupita, where a child had a very serious heart problem and needed to have expensive surgery. His family had no financial resources, so they went to the church where the pastors prayed for the child. The next day, the family went to hospital to do a new examination and, to the doctor’s surprise, the problem in the child’s heart was no longer there! The doctor spent half an hour examining the child and found nothing. Praise the Lord!

This month we have had great visits with the National Pioneers, who have been sent out to build self-sustaining churches within their own nations. It is truly wonderful to see men and women, along with their children, who have left their cities and been sent to serve God. They are very committed and involved with the work of God, and are conquering territory and honoring the pioneering work.

Although Venezuela is going through terrible times, we know the situation is turning many towards the Lord. Please pray for God’s peace and liberty for the people of Venezuela.


Davi Sampaio
Davi is a pastor from Brazil and the Project Director for Latin America NPI. After doing missions for 13 years in East Timor, he is now living in Venezuela with his wife Zilnéia and son Elias. He speaks four languages and has a passion for planting churches.
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