Davi Sampaio

Davi Sampaio

5 Jun 2017

Meeting Their Needs : Venezuela

“It is good to give thanks to the Lord and to sing praises to Your name, Most High, to proclaim your mercy in the morning, and in the nights your faithfulness” [Ps 92:1,2]

Venezuela, amidst an ever deeper economic and social crisis with much unrest since the protests, is finding strength and protection in God’s provision. The feeling we have in our hearts is that of gratitude to our God and the realisation that it is He who does everything. It is good to know that God is always with us. He makes all circumstances around us work for our good, fortifying our faith and trust in Him. In spite of the crisis our country is facing, the work of the Lord is steadfast and advancing. It was a month of many conquests for the kingdom of God and we have seen the good hand of the Lord in all our work.

Many are starving, without medical services and without medication in Venezuela, so this month was about social action with the participation of several health professionals.

This included gynecologists, pediatricians, general practitioners, nurses, and nursing technicians offering services to people in need. Other professionals such as lawyers and counsellors offered legal and religious counseling. A soup kitchen was set up to distribute food to the hungry which was a huge blessing to many. Another social work event offered haircuts for men, women and children and everyone had the opportunity to hear the word of God. Mother’s Day was also a good opportunity to bring people to churches and announce the gospel of Christ.

Please pray for comfort as one of our pioneers, due to lack of medication plus complications, lost their battle with diabetes and went to be with the Lord. Continue to pray for protection, provision and for good health as well as for Religious Visa processes to be miraculously approved and the continued transformation of the lives of the Venezuelan people with genuine conversions and discipleship.




Davi Sampaio
Davi is a pastor from Brazil and the Project Director for Latin America NPI. After doing missions for 13 years in East Timor, he is now living in Venezuela with his wife Zilnéia and son Elias. He speaks four languages and has a passion for planting churches.
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