Media Seminar : Myanmar

CV works to mobilise Christians in evangelism, and we are seeing an ever-increasing amount of people step out in sharing their faith online. In our media centered society, this kind of evangelism is easy and effective for Christians who want to reach their friends. At CV, we see the importance in connecting and working with the Church to make this possible.

This February CV Myanmar hosted an event called Media Seminar, inviting churches interested in media ministry. More than 20 church representatives attended the seminar to hear speakers on topics such as: The Role of Social Media in Building a Church, Mission Opportunities, Challenges in Social Media, and Practical Media Ministry.

The conference attendees were touched as they learned about how God has been working among peoples’ lives through social media in Myanmar. The seminar was an immense success and we have received a great response from the churches.


Philip Bo Aung Lin
Philip is the CV Myanmar Country Manager. Born in Mandalay, Myanmar, Philip has been a missionary in Ayadaw Town and has worked as the Youth Pastor at Mandalay Mission Baptist Church.
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