Making Jesus Known to the Unknown : Indonesia

yesHEis Indonesia and Youth Leaders Gathering held the Online Missionary Generation [OMG] in Jakarta this month. We also held our third online responders training day, which revealed a passion for the lost and a desire to do the work of the ministry.

The OMG Conference, supported by Alpha Indonesia who also presented their discipleship program, was attended by young leaders from 30 churches from Jakarta, Bandung and Semarang. The theme ‘Go and Grow’ was aimed to awaken the church to the importance of discipleship and evangelism. The conference’s main idea was to show it can be made relevant today by using technology and social media.Right now we are preparing the follow-up to the churches who sent their leaders to the conference.

What’s also more exciting was our third online responders training in Medan. We were very grateful for their enthusiasm and dedication. It was hosted by one of our generous church partners who also sent six people to said training. We found that the level of excitement from the 20 people from 3 different churches was amazing, purely coming from their passion to make Jesus known to the unknown. We felt honored and privileged to be able to have such an experience with them. The fact that the responders were all millennials also made it easier than we thought it would be to train them. The way in which they interacted with us when the presentations were delivered was encouraging. You could see that it felt so natural for them to engage in this style of training. Looking forward to more training days like this one!



Renny Yosinta
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