Paul Rattray

Paul Rattray

4 Apr 2017

Like the Apostle Paul : East Timor

We recently met with three young troublemakers who stoned our churches. We went to visit them in their houses and shared the Gospel with them. They were so thirsty for the Word, and one of them even started to cry while we spoke. They surrendered their lives to Jesus. Now we are discipling them and two are being called to become pioneers. Like the apostle Paul, these persecutors have become fervent Christians and are willing to share their faith. Here are two of their testimonies:

“I have lived a terrible life, used drugs, had no hope, and caused trouble in my community. When I heard that CV evangelicals had come to my village, as a strong Catholic, I was determined to make them leave. I joined a mob that went to their house church to stone them. As I lifted my hand to throw my stone, I could not do it. Instead, I joined the service and heard a message that changed my life. The pastor came to see me and asked if I wanted to follow Christ. I said, “Yes!” And that is when I found and followed Jesus.” New Believer, Jack*

“My life was a mess. I had no love or peace — so I abused drugs and alcohol. When CV came to my village, I hated them because I was Catholic. We stoned their house church every time they had meetings. Then, some of my relatives came to Christ and I met some of these Christians. They asked how I would get to heaven living a sinful life and it unsettled me. One day the pastor asked to pray for me. That day I had a miraculous encounter with Jesus that changed my life. I was immediately overcome with peace. My burden was gone! I went to church even though my friends taunted me. Now I am going to Bible school to learn more about the Bible and serve the Lord.” New Believer, Mick*

By Junior Peres, Impact-A-Nation Manager


Paul Rattray
Paul is the Impact-a-Nation Manager for CV Asia Pacific and oversees NPI projects across the globe. He has a huge heart for reaching people for Christ, is fluent in Indonesian, and has 6 children with his wife, Riani.
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