Jesus and the Millennial Generation : UK

Life Church Bradford puts on a few conferences throughout the year; This Spring CV UK attended their YA Movement; a conference created for young adults to gather, and worship God. That they would be inspired to be who God created them to be.

The room was packed with ‘millennials’ a generation, which often gets a bad rep for being social media dependant, fast paced, entitled and often known to pursue experiences instead of security and stability. A generation that is known for “more, and faster is better” but also a generation that is not shy to speak from their heart, and mind; to give opinions, to stand up for what they believe in. So who better to speak about who Jesus is in a genuine, true and personal way?

This conference aims to equip and encourage millennials to be brave, and use all the gifts God has given them for His glory.

In partnership with LIFE CHURCH we created the yesHEis testimony video, “Matty’s Story” which we premiered at the conference. This gave CV some stage time to promote the yesHEis app.

Watch Matty’s Story here.

Watch our presentation at the event here.


Corina Esquivel
Corina is a Social Media Specialist for CV UK. Born in Mexico and raised in Canada, she is currently living and learning in Birmingham. She is a photographer who is passionate about showcasing people's stories.
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