Is the Church Equipped to Engage in Digital Missions? : India

In Mumbai on the 10th of June we organised a Think Tank titled, The Church’s Response to Social Media: Is the Church equipped to Engage in Digital Missions?

Senior pastors, worship leaders, musicians, youth leaders, and media and IT professionals were among the thirty people from the region that attended the Think Tank. The discussion raised valuable suggestions and insights that are very relevant to our work at CV. Here are some of the responses from participants:

“We must explore what is required to help the Church engage in digital missions. What must the Church do to become relevant on Facebook? There would be a time when the church would be 80% online. Daily relationships will be more online than offline. Our churches must adapt to the times and current trends. Is there a way where churches could also create content? This helps in ownership by the church.”

– Sheldon Bangera, Worship Leader and Musician.

“We are getting so focused on the delivery of the answer. For example, Jesus is the answer. But are we asking ourselves, what is the question they (the seekers) are asking? We forget about what people are really asking and how to present Jesus in the context of what they are looking for. A key audience that is active online and integrated in church is being left out. We must also come up with ways to include the retired folks and senior citizens.”

Sidney Nevis, Senior Pastor, Living Word, Church.


Melissa Sharman
Melissa is a Communications Specialist for CV Asia Pacific. She studied International Politics and is passionate about writing, sustainable agriculture, natural health, and inspiring people to live whole and purpose-rich lives. She loves being outdoors, is always up for an adventure, and has a slight obsession with fermented foods.
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