Hope and Life Found in Jesus : China

Yuming* is a 26 year old woman who developed rheumatism six years ago. She suffered from it greatly and, as a result, had a hard time in her studies. Her dream is to become healthy again.

One day, Yuming saw a video on the yesHEis Wechat platform, talking about a woman who had rheumatism and was healed by Jesus. Yuming made contact with our yesHEis team. We told her more details of the story in the video, and prayed with her. Yuming told us that she is a Christian, but the disease made her lose faith in God.

Through the support and encouragement of the yesHEis team, Yuming found the hope and love of Jesus. Recently, she was discharged from the hospital after being admitted for her rheumatism. She told us that she now feels grateful everyday and is enjoying her relationship with God.

Please pray for more and more Chinese people to experience the love, healing and peace of Jesus.


Melissa Sharman
Melissa is a Communications Specialist for CV Asia Pacific. She studied International Politics and is passionate about writing, sustainable agriculture, natural health, and inspiring people to live whole and purpose-rich lives. She loves being outdoors, is always up for an adventure, and has a slight obsession with fermented foods.
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