Davi Sampaio

Davi Sampaio

4 May 2017

Have Faith in the Crisis : Venezuela

“The Lord is gracious and merciful. He gives sustenance to those who fear him; He will always remember his covenant.” (Psalm 111: 4-5)

CV Venezuela is praising God for another good month. In the midst of crisis and everything that has happened in this country, we have seen and felt His faithfulness and His love. Through many different situations we have seen God work out His miracles and purpose for this nation. There are many people here searching for churches, seeking relief for their sorrows and afflictions and as the work of the kingdom is expanding here in Venezuela, many lives are being saved and that makes it worth the struggles and hardships that we have faced here.

This past month, we have seen 741 people decide to follow Jesus and 131 baptisms. We began the month with a training course for our pioneers in the south region, which was a very important time of encouragement for them.

As most of you know, April was a very tense month here in Venezuela. The political and social crisis has left the country in a chaotic situation. Protests against the government have become increasingly violent. Human rights abuses have taken place and the death toll is far greater than announced by the media, and the plan to expand and arm the Venezuelan militia is even more worrying.

The crisis in Venezuela is very serious, but we continue to believe that God has a purpose in all of this and we are praying that He will fulfill it. We rejoice in counting on your prayers in this time and that the Lord will keep us from all evil. We are asking for prayer for our visas, which has been bureaucratic, and we are working hard on it in this crisis. The country has become increasingly isolated and the recent exit from the OAS has also worried us a lot, and very soon President Maduro is planning a new constitution for the country.

Let us pray that the Lord will have mercy on his people, and help Venezuela to get out of this difficult time.


Davi Sampaio
Davi is a pastor from Brazil and the Project Director for Latin America NPI. After doing missions for 13 years in East Timor, he is now living in Venezuela with his wife Zilnéia and son Elias. He speaks four languages and has a passion for planting churches.
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