Thiago Vale

Thiago Vale

4 Jul 2017

Growth and Transformed Lives : Brazil

We continue to receive amazing testimonies from people whose lives have been touched with the Gospel. Here is one of them:

“Before I met Jesus, I was just someone else in the crowd without a direction and without hope. Now that I met Him and accepted Jesus as Lord and Saviour, I keep on learning from our Lord. Now I know where I came from and where I am going. Now I have hope and certainty of eternal life, joy and peace with Christ.” – yesHEis user

We are glad to say that our CV Brazil team is growing, and we now have a new Marketing Specialist, Hannibal Ferreira, added to our team. We gathered all the team in our new office in Guarulhos and had an amazing time with our Regional Director Mark Gallardo. We presented reports and also talked about CV´s plans and strategies for Brazil.

As part of our strategy to make new partners, we have also been visiting local churches around São Paulo and meeting new pastors and leaders.

Please pray for God´s direction as a CV Team in Brazil, that the Lord may guide us to great opportunities to share the Gospel online.

Please help us in prayer as we still have some positions to fill on our CV Team in Brazil. Please pray for wisdom and guidance to find the right people for each duty required.

Please also pray for my family while we adapt to life in São Paulo.


Thiago Vale
Thiago Vale is Country Manager at CV Latin America. Born in Brazil, he was a missionary with his family in Mozambique, then a Systems Analyst and Auxiliary Pastor at a local church in Manaus. He loves technology, making new friends, and hanging out with his family.
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