Elienae Moura

Elienae Moura

29 Aug 2017

From Sorrow to Joy : Impact East Timor

East Timor is a country of young people, with about 70 percent of its population being under 29 years old.

East Timorese people above the age of 18 were eyewitnesses to the terrible times that the country passed through when thousands of people were brutally killed, abused, or had close relatives assassinated or kidnapped.

But now is a new season for East Timor. As the Word of God is being preached across the country, people are being saved, transformed and developing a new perspective on life.

We recently carried out a youth event in the district of Ainaro, six hours drive from Dili, the capital city. Seventy young people from nearby churches gathered together to learn from God and to celebrate in His presence. The theme of the event was: “Greater is He that is in you, than He that is in the world” (1 John 4.4).

I attended the event and watched the youth praying, singing and celebrating joyfully in the presence of the Lord with smiles on their faces. I rejoiced and thanked God for His wonderful work. Many of the young people are new believers and come from troubled families. God has turned their sorrow into joy and hope. This is the God we serve and proclaim. All praise to Him!


Elienae Moura
Elienae is a Brazilian missionary in East Timor since 2004. Husband of Albina, a local woman who is also fruit of the missionary work in East Timor, and father of Esdras, he is currently the national leader of Visão Cristã Church, which was planted by CV missionaries in this country.
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