Freed From Depression : Latin America

Norma Pinzón, the radio show host of CVCLAVOZ’s Pildoritas y Reflexiones says that what God does through our radio station is unimaginable.

She recently traveled to Mendoza to give a training on communications and, while there, a lady came to her, hugged her and started crying and telling her what had happened in her life through the Pildoritas y Reflexiones show. She told her that seventeen years ago when she became pregnant, she fell into a deep depression. All she thought about all the time was ending her life. One day she was crying and she heard the Lord tell her: “Turn the radio on.” When she did, the CVCLAVOZ show was on and God told her He was with her, and that everything would go well with her baby. From that moment on, those terrible thoughts of ending her life went away.

Roxana and her daughter Camila both went last July to the CVCLAVOZ training in Argentina and shared their testimony of what God has done before the whole audience.

We have many stories like this one, which show the impact that CVCLAVOZ and its network of affiliate stations have. This network now includes 576 radio stations, across AM, FM and the internet, in twenty five countries, reaching Hispanic communities in Belize, Canada, Germany, Japan and Portugal.

Here is another of the recent testimonies we received from a listener:

“…I have listened to CVCLAVOZ for four years and it has been such a blessing. You helped me get to know God and also changed my idea of not going to church. Now I have been going to a church for three years and I got baptised a year and a half ago.”

Please pray for the political and economical situation in Venezuela. We also ask your prayers for strength and comfort for Juan Romero’s family, our beloved team member who passed away recently. Also, please pray for the health of Carolyn Pinzón, a CVCLAVOZ radio show host, who will soon give birth.


Daniel Zangaro
Daniel is the Community Manager for CV Latin America. He is a Lawyer and also holds a Masters degree in Pastoral Counselling. He is absolutely passionate about reaching people for Christ and restoring lives through the power of the Holy Spirit. Daniel is married to Alejandra and is the proud dad of Victoria.
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