Chad Hugghins

Chad Hugghins

29 Jun 2017

Facebook Ads Connecting People to Church : Canada

Our CV Outreach team has been helping churches across the United States and Canada run local Facebook Ads to connect with people in their area who need Jesus. Our hope in this effort, and in CV Outreach as a whole, is simply to connect people to church. These Facebook campaigns have been a fun addition to the work we are doing on the Adwords Grant platform, where we have been able to connect almost 1 million people to church websites in the last 30 days.

One story from our local Facebook Campaigns is from a church in Canada who had struggled with some particularly restrictive laws imposed by the local government regarding establishing a new church. The Facebook Advertising campaigns were a valuable solution, helping them to connect with the people in their community without having to direct people to a church building.

The most exciting part of this particular advertising campaign isn’t the thousands of video views and website visits, but the fact that three of the people who started conversations with the pastoral staff are still in ongoing discipleship relationships and attending community groups.

Pray for churches like this one in Canada who are using the digital tools at their disposal to share the Gospel. Also pray for the three people who connected with the Canadian church, that they may continue to grow in their faith journeys.


Chad Hugghins
Chad is the Marketing and Content Manager for CV North America. He is a father to Birk and a husband to Signe, is an Arts Advocate for his local community in Dallas, and enjoys surfing when he can get to the coast.
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