Equipping Arab youth to Answer Tough Questions : Middle East

God and religion were taboo topics in the Arab world a couple of decades ago. No-one could question God’s existence or discuss the religion he was born with. No-one chose their faith and few questions were asked.

Recently, we have noticed the need to give solid, reliable information that answers the questions of the emerging generation, who are eager to know more about God or the Christian faith.  Young Arab people are ready to challenge themselves and challenge the culture that quiets them whenever they have difficult questions.

Following the Arab Spring of 2011, people started to talk more freely about different faiths. As discussions about God in different religions became more frequent, the need to equip the Arab Christian youth for evangelism became a priority. For this reason, we started the Internet Missionary School (IMS), which provides high quality training on all aspects of offline and online evangelism, with the aim of creating generations of missionaries in the Arab world.

So far, 258 missionaries have graduated from the IMS. We held training this month for 114 Arab youths, who studied the basics of theology, discussed tough questions about the Christian faith, and started groups in their hometowns to continue in the process of sharing their experiences.

We also wanted to ensure that there is an online resource that Arab youth can rely on for information about the Christian faith. So, we launched a website that makes exploring, reading and sharing articles much easier from mobile phones. Our platform, Sawt (literally meaning ‘voice’ in Arabic), gives room for exploring Christian beliefs and provides both the Arabic Christian thinker and agnostics some insight into how Christianity answers the important questions of life. Questions like: Does God exist?, Does science disprove God?, and the problem of pain and suffering, are discussed from different Christian perspectives. Sawt is the first Arabic website to provide Christian answers based on science and theology!


Melissa Sharman
Melissa is a Communications Specialist for CV Asia Pacific. She studied International Politics and is passionate about writing, sustainable agriculture, natural health, and inspiring people to live whole and purpose-rich lives. She loves being outdoors, is always up for an adventure, and has a slight obsession with fermented foods.
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