East Timorese Churches Sending Pioneers : Impact East Timor

The East Timorese church is sending pioneers into East Indonesia, through the National Pioneers Initiative (NPI). Our pioneers are establishing self-sustaining churches amongst the Papuan people, growing the Church in Eastern Indonesia  from within.

The East Timorese are well positioned to minister to Eastern Indonesians, because both nations suffer similar spiritual and physical oppression. With their shared struggle, the testimony of the East Timorese pioneers is resonating powerfully with Eastern Indonesians.

Recently, Ps Joaquim, Ps Julio and myself went to Kupang to attend the consecration of a new house church in East Indonesia. We were representing the East Timorese church. You can read about the new house church here.

I believe this visit was very positive to create a connection between us as a sending church and the pioneering work we are doing in Eastern Indonesia, through the NPI. This church partnership is evidence of the impact that we have had on East Timor and are now having in Eastern Indonesia.  

Thank God for His work in building the Church amongst the Papuan people, and please pray for strength, protection and provision for our Pioneers.


Elienae Moura
Elienae is a Brazilian missionary in East Timor since 2004. Husband of Albina, a local woman who is also fruit of the missionary work in East Timor, and father of Esdras, he is currently the national leader of Visão Cristã Church, which was planted by CV missionaries in this country.
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