Paul Rattray

Paul Rattray

25 Oct 2016

Time to Bear Fruit : East Timor

One of the most encouraging things for us here at CV is hearing updates from our partners around the globe. Many go unseen, pioneering evangelism in some of the world’s most challenging regions. These updates we receive from pioneers show a small part of the impact that CV has had throughout the nations. Here is a monthly update from our National Pioneers Initiative in East Timor:

We are called, and sent, to bear fruit. Sterile Christians are not linked to the true vine. Our Christian life must produce results – noticeable fruits that last and that will remain even after our departure. In our fruits, God is glorified.

The issues our pastors face come in all shapes and sizes. One of our pastors fell sick, and was prevented from visiting his ministry field regularly. But this didn’t stop him from spreading God’s word; in fact, he just got a little more creative. He proceeded to gather the youth for prayer and evangelism training. They’d then pair up and hand out flyers, visit houses, pray for the sick, and so forth throughout the week oh the pastor’s behalf. It was a great sight to witness the young being welcomed by others in the village. Hundreds of children have since engaged in evangelism and are reaching districts outside of the village.

Another of our pastors found himself stuck in spiritual apathy. He had been called to the ministry just two years earlier and things were tough. But God used CV to help encourage and challenge him to grow in Christ through early morning prayers. Within a month, there were signs of a spiritual awakening in both the pastor and his church. Praise God that, as the body of Christ, we are able to be a part of the work that is happening in spreading the Good News throughout the nations. 


Paul Rattray
Paul is the Impact-a-Nation Manager for CV Asia Pacific and oversees NPI projects across the globe. He has a huge heart for reaching people for Christ, is fluent in Indonesian, and has 6 children with his wife, Riani.
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