Steph Tebbe

Steph Tebbe

25 Oct 2016

Let’s Collaborate : UK

We at CV recognise the importance of partnering with the body of Christ to spread the truth of Jesus together. “Just as a body, though one, has many parts, but all its many parts form one body, so it is with Christ.” (1 Cor 12:12). God has set into motion many different movements throughout the UK, and each aims to bring more people to know Jesus and become His followers.

Our UK team love collaborating with these other Christian movements and recently we had the opportunity to produce a video for Soul Survivor. The Christian group oversees a range of summer festivals and events each year that are aimed at young people, to see them meet with and be changed by Jesus.

Our video is about the story of Bethany, a young woman who was faced with the sudden death of her father at a young age. Bethany found herself at a lonely place of despair, not having anyone she could turn to that could fully understand her. After a long journey of pain and grief, she radically encountered God’s presence at a summer youth event. Taken aback by the amount of joy and happiness the youth around her had, Bethany needed to find a way to get rid of the pain that had been weighing her down. She found herself kneeling before God, asking for his help and that’s when she felt God’s embrace. He was the first thing that actually made a difference and released her pain.

Through sharing this video at Soul Survivor festivals this year, the Holy Spirit used Bethany’s story to stir the hearts of 146 young people to make a decision to give their lives to Jesus.

It’s things like this that make us so excited about seeing the body of Christ connected globally, pursuing others and winning them with the great love of Christ.

Later that month, we shared Bethany’s testimony video on our Facebook page and were amazed at the impact it had. More than 60,000 people viewed it and 136 people shared the video with their friends. The impact a video like this can have on viewers can be life changing, and our hope is that each person who encounters it will find an authentic passion to change the world for Christ and share their own faith story with those around them.


Steph Tebbe
Steph is a Marketing and Communications Assistant at CV Asia Pacific. Born in the US, she is living and working in Australia while she serves at the Sunshine Coast YWAM mission base. She loves coffee, surfing and camping adventures.
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