CV Outreach : Germany

March has been a busy month for us as we began setting up CV Outreach, welcoming our first 3 churches on board! While this is a relatively new Touch-a-Billion activity for us here at Gospel-Forum, Stuttgart, we have found that we have learnt so much already just by setting up new landing pages. We are so excited to see how God is going to connect people seeking His truth to churches throughout Germany via this tool and would appreciate prayer as we attempt to get everything up-and-running.

We are also in the middle of renovating our office in Stuttgart so that all our volunteers and interns can work in the same space with us. Check out the snap above of us applying some fresh paint! More to come on our office transformation next month.


Manuel Walker
Manuel is the Community & Marketing Manager at CV Germany. He serves as a worship leader for Gospel-Forum Germany, and has two girls with his wife Damaris. He loves playing soccer, reading and traveling.
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