Food Baskets & Football : Venezuela

The crisis in Venezuela is getting worse by the day. Politics and economy aside, the shortage of food and medicine has lead to many people starving and suffering in hospitals.

We knew we had to do something, so we began by approaching a community in the slums last month. We provided them with food baskets to help them get by and their reaction was unreal; the desperation and appreciation seen in their eyes were both sad yet encouraging. We were deeply moved by the humility of the community.

As well as providing food baskets, our CV team gathered the youth in the community together for sports. The most popular sport there is baseball (surprisingly), followed by basketball, coleo, and then football (soccer). Given the gradual growth in popularity of soccer over recent years, we decided to hold the very first Vision Christiana Core 8 Football Tournament. 

We also ran a soup kitchen and a church service that was accompanied with theatre and dance. Approximately 50 teenagers participated.


Characa Rosandi
Characa (aka Chachi) is a Communications Assistant for CV Asia Pacific. Due to his passionate hatred towards boredom, he has grown to become an individual with so many hobbies and interests. He loves all sports but aspires mainly to be in the creative industry as a scriptwriter & entrepreneur. On a side note, ‘September’ by Earth, Wind, & Fire is his favorite song, and he can't wait till the time hoverboards go commercial.
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