Steph Tebbe

Steph Tebbe

27 Oct 2016

Rays of Hope : Brazil

As the host country of the 2016 Olympic Games, Brazil was on full display to the world in recent months. After being ridden with extreme poverty and inequality in the past, rays of hope have finally begun to appear in the last few years. Our national partners have been praying fervently for God to open doors with leaders throughout Brazil, and we are glad to say these doors are finally opening.

The fight against poverty and crime is ongoing in this country but we have found that the people of Brazil have a resilience and a hope that expects to see God move. We have seen the transformational power of prayer influence our work here through yesHEis and the mission of bringing the lost into God’s Kingdom is growing daily.

Prayer is what is moving this nation towards Christ and we are confident in seeing more people become His followers each month. The team has been receiving many calls asking us to come and share the vision of yesHEis, encouraging the millennial generation to use today’s social media and technology for the Kingdom of Heaven, and spreading the Gospel through inspiring and stirring videos that they can share with friends who don’t yet know the Good News of Jesus Christ.

One of these invitations to share our work came from Pastor Arruda who is from a church in Manaus, the largest city in the Amazon. We were welcomed in by the pastor and some 60 young people that were ready to download the app and be used by God to change their nation.

Our team also spent a week visiting the state of Ceara, maybe one of the most idolatrous states in Brazil. We had the opportunity to share with numerous pastors from the region along with many leaders that were visiting from Sao Paulo and Rio de Janeiro. One of these pastors will be running to be a rector at a local University. What has been wonderfully apparent is God strategically placing His people in positions to influence this country for His glory.

Though Brazil faces many challenges, the Church cultivates a perspective of hope for their nation. We all have an incredible opportunity to grow in hope and discover more doors opening in the coming year. The Church has a great way ahead to share the Gospel online with millions so Jesus’ name can be glorified, and we are grateful to be a part of this.



Steph Tebbe
Steph is a Marketing and Communications Assistant at CV Asia Pacific. Born in the US, she is living and working in Australia while she serves at the Sunshine Coast YWAM mission base. She loves coffee, surfing and camping adventures.
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