Morag Paton

Morag Paton

2 Nov 2018

Bot Leads girl to Renew her Walk with Jesus: New Zealand

Isla* attended a Latter-Day Saints church with her family, but simply attending didn’t satisfy her curiosity. She wanted to know more about the bible and specifically about Jesus’ death on the cross.

Isla contacted the CV New Zealand team and we got to help her to better understand her faith. When we invited Isla to ask Jesus for direction in her life, however, she didn’t respond. Eight months later Isla had a conversation with the Who is Jesus Bot, via Facebook. The bot explained a little more about Jesus and guided her in a prayer to dedicate her life to Him.

This time, Isla opened up more. She said that she felt far from God and we got the chance to share about the exchange that takes place when we ask Jesus to forgive us and lead us in our lives. We are currently helping Isla to connect to someone local, who can teach her more about Jesus and the personal relationship we can have with Him.

Please pray for more people to get to know Jesus and also for people like Isla, who have been in church but struggle to build their personal relationship with Him.


Morag Paton
Morag is passionate about sharing Jesus, and equipping others to do the same. Morag’s contagious enthusiasm helps people to see that evangelism is exciting and not something to be feared. In her current role as Community Manager across Australia and New Zealand, she has extensive experience in sharing the gospel in the online space and seeing people come to know God.
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