Boldly Sharing the Good News : Indonesia

We have received some great testimonies from yesHEis users in Indonesia, who are boldly sharing their faith with the yesHEis app. Here are a few of their stories:

The first time I heard about yesHEis, I was afraid of the kind of response that I would receive when I shared a video. I wondered if my friends would be angry with me or if I could start to have conversation with them. I began to train myself to share Jesus through the testimonial videos in the yesHEis app, and now it has become my joy. I am not afraid anymore to share my faith using yesHEis. Thank you yesHEis for helping me share my faith!”

“Before I knew about yesHEis, I thought a lot about evangelism but I didn’t know how to get started. I learnt how to share my faith from the yesHEis app. Now I know that sharing my faith is not that complicated. I can use my social media to reach people, even if it seems very simple. I am sure that what I share will bless others. Thank you yesHEis.”

“The yesHEis app is very cool. Praise God, one of my friends was blessed by a video I shared and he committed to being baptised!”

I have a friend who moved to another city and I lost contact with her. When I shared a video from the yesHEis app, my friend contacted me. I found out that she had converted to another religion. After she saw the video, she told me that she wants to feel God’s love again in her life. I believe that God will open her heart again. Please pray that she not only feels Jesus, but that she can return to being His follower.”

Unlimited Fire Youth Conference

yesHEis Indonesia was invited to be the official media partner in organizing UFWAKE2017, a conference for young people in Indonesia.

In this conference, yesHEis encourages every young person to recall their mission as a witness of Christ, wherever they may be. We also demonstrate to participants that social media can be used to testify about God’s goodness.

Attended by approximately 10,000 youth, UFWAKE2017 is a great beginning to the Indonesian yesHEis collaboration with youth service network.

There is a really encouraging story from the event: There was a participant who came from Denpasar, Bali. After hearing the share campaign from yesHEis, he asked us about how to effectively share the Gospel on social media. After much dialogue with the team, he shared videos with about 500 of his contacts on social media one by one. 


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