Lord Edmiston

Lord Edmiston

10 Jan 2019


The 1914-18 World War was declared to be the war to end all wars; yet, a few months ago, I watched ceremonies on TV that presented veterans of many other wars that were fought after 1918. Even as I write this, there is a war raging in Syria and across other parts of the globe.

Wars are the result of different agendas, opposing views, hatred, vendettas, greed and intolerance. There are wars raging within societies, between ethnic groups, religious groups, and even within families. We see the results of gang wars fought out on our streets daily. So where does all this end? The violence we see is inner emotions and restlessness surfacing. There is more to it than just a physical action. It is the product of a deep spiritual vacuum in the human soul. How can you have peace if you reject the Prince of Peace, Jesus?

Every action we take starts with a thought. We cannot do anything unless our brain sends the signal. If we fill our brain with wrong attitudes and emotions, then they will surface and cause us to be violent and aggressive. The solution to this problem lies in the renewing of our minds, as it is written in Romans 12:2: ‘And be not conformed to this world: but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.’

Any machine that is not wired correctly will not perform correctly. So, we need to be rewired in accordance with the creator’s instruction manual. Jesus said in John 14:27: ‘Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world gives.’ If we want peace, we need to look to the provider of peace.

The peace that Jesus gives transcends circumstance. It is not a peace that is written on an inanimate piece of paper like an Armistice agreement, but it is a peace written on a living heart. It is peace in the middle of the storms of life. It is peace when everything around you shouts fear and concern. Peace, because you are anchored in the eternal and not blown about by the negativity the world throws at you.

I pray that you will know this peace as you get to know the giver of peace: Jesus.


Lord Edmiston
Lord Robert (Bob) Edmiston founded Christian Vision in 1988, inspired by his faith to use his business acumen and resources to contribute to Christian ministry on a global scale. He actively determines CV’s strategic priorities and his businesses continue to fund the organisation’s projects around the world.
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