A Witch-Doctor Accepts Jesus : Impact East Timor

In East Timor, a significant portion of the population still live in rural villages. Some villages are in very remote areas, on the hills. Usually in these places there is a witch-doctor, a man on whom people rely when they are sick or having problems.

Praise the Lord, we have house-churches in some villages, through which we can reach these remote regions. Our house-church in the village of Sak-Asu, Manatuto District, has spread the Gospel throughout the central area of the country.

In one of the villages of this area, a witch-doctor got sick. Though his village is very isolated and far away from Sak-Asu, where our house-church is located, there is a believer who lives in the same village as the witch-doctor. This believer accepted Jesus a couple of months ago through the evangelism work of the house-church.

The witch-doctor was informed that the believers pray for the sick, and he invited this believer to come and pray for him. He had already tried all of his traditional medicines and potions, with no positive results. After receiving the prayer, the man was healed. He accepted Jesus and is now being discipled by the pioneer who is responsible for the house-church.

It is so encouraging to know that God is using simple people, even new believers, to spread the Good News through the villages of the Timorese mountains. 

Please pray that God moves powerfully through the national pioneers who are ministering in the remote regions of East Timor.


Elienae Moura
Elienae is a Brazilian missionary in East Timor since 2004. Husband of Albina, a local woman who is also fruit of the missionary work in East Timor, and father of Esdras, he is currently the national leader of Visão Cristã Church, which was planted by CV missionaries in this country.
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