Lorna Spina

Lorna Spina

2 May 2017

A Testimony of Transformation : UK

Some time ago, Paul and Carol got in touch with us through a landing page, wanting to know more about faith and asking for help to find local Christians. The couple lived locally and we were able to connect them with Christians that lived right around the corner, who also happened to be family members of the UK team!

Paul and Carol joined a local bible study and we heard regular updates of their faith journey. It was a great blessing to our team to be able to continue following the story of a response long after the part CV had played in that journey.

After joining a local church, we were very privileged to be invited by Paul to his baptism recently. Many of their non-Christian family and friends were in attendance as they are all amazed and curious about the huge transformation they have seen in Paul and Carol’s lives.


Lorna Spina
Based in the CV UK office, Lorna is in charge of Marketing for the UK team. She lived in the US for 10 years with her American husband and 2 girls before moving back to the UK. Prior to joining CV, she spent many years in church leadership alongside her husband and continues having a heart for evangelism and discipleship. Lorna loves all things “arts” and “retro”!
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