Morag Paton

Morag Paton

10 Jan 2019

A Changed Heart: Australia

In online conversations, the yesHEis team regularly hears from people we have spoken to two or more years ago. People usually just want to say hello or update us on the progress they have made.

Unfortunately, sometimes we talk to someone who is very aggressive or insults us. A young man back in 2016 started swearing at us before breaking off contact. This year, at Christmas time, he contacted us again to apologise for his behaviour. After asking if we are still telling people about God, he wanted to wish us well and send his blessing.

This reminded us that you never know when a disgruntled or angry person will turn. It encouraged us, even more, to always respond in love and pray for everyone that connects with us. We believe and trust that God will work on the heart of anyone we keep in our prayers. This conversation, once more, has proven that this is true.

Please pray for loving and open hearts in Christians around the world.


Morag Paton
Morag is passionate about sharing Jesus, and equipping others to do the same. Morag’s contagious enthusiasm helps people to see that evangelism is exciting and not something to be feared. In her current role as Community Manager across Australia and New Zealand, she has extensive experience in sharing the gospel in the online space and seeing people come to know God.
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