Steph Tebbe

Steph Tebbe

2 Feb 2017

440 New Believers : Venezuela

440 is a great number. The new year began with new motivation and wonder at God’s promises, as our pioneers in Venezuela have seen 440 new believers in the month of January! The first water baptism of the year was held with 11 people proclaiming their faith. With so many new Christians, they have been working at full speed, doing whatever is necessary to see these people grow in spiritual maturity through teaching of the word, prayer and plenty of visits. The work has grown every day and the name of the Lord has been glorified!

“Give thanks to the Lord, for he is good, for his mercy endures forever.” Ps.118: 1

The CV team have been visiting many of our pioneers in their fields of work. With each of these visits the team have been encouraged in seeing how the men and women are so impassioned and willing to carry the gospel of Christ. The importance of discipleship is a priority, as we are hopeful that those believers who are discipled and trained may become successors in continuing ministry in their own towns.

The community grows in dedication, as people are donating pieces of land to build the church, others are using their own houses or garages for the name of the Lord to be proclaimed. Despite facing challenges in the lack of materials, workers faithfully continue the construction of the church of Puerto Ordaz. Our team stands strong in this challenge and remain firm in the goal of growing in the work of God in Venezuela.

We’re praising God that the situation of the country has improved with the opening of the borders of Brazil and Colombia. Although the team has encountered property invasion and theft, there has been protection on their lives. Please pray for the economic and social crisis, as these will only be solved in many years.

God continues to move faithfully in Venezuela, so let’s continue to pray for the pioneers as this is a year of growth for them!


Steph Tebbe
Steph is a Marketing and Communications Assistant at CV Asia Pacific. Born in the US, she is living and working in Australia while she serves at the Sunshine Coast YWAM mission base. She loves coffee, surfing and camping adventures.
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