Chad Hugghins

Chad Hugghins

29 Jun 2017

220 Churches Connected to their Communities : United States

This past month, we partnered with over 220 churches through our Social Partners program. The aim of the program was to help churches connect with their communities through an engaged social media presence.  To do this, we made unbranded video and graphic social media assets available to the partnering churches, as well as social media tips, scheduling templates and weekly encouragement.  These assets allowed churches to take their social media content to the next level, and so far every church has reported increased engagement on their Facebook pages.

We hope this program will help to connect more people to our church partners who need to hear the Gospel, while also saving churches time and money.  Also, as the Social Partners program continues to grow, more and more church film teams and Christian media organisations are making their content available to us to distribute to churches around North America.  

Thank God for these partnerships, and pray that the resources that we and other organisations are sharing will result in a “rising tide lifts all boats” phenomenon, connecting many more churches with their communities through social media.


Chad Hugghins
Chad is the Marketing and Content Manager for CV North America. He is a father to Birk and a husband to Signe, is an Arts Advocate for his local community in Dallas, and enjoys surfing when he can get to the coast.
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